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Simulation of Electronic Circuits with Electronic Workbench 5.12 (EWB)

There are many basic electronic components that can be used using the program EWB 5.12. Drag and drop feature is really nice. One neat trick is dragging AC voltage source instead of using Transformer. Afterwards, set it to 12V AC depending on the design usages. No more Transformer option!

The Basic Group: Dot, Resistor, Capacitor, relay , switch, voltage-switch and Vcc indicator are components the are always needed or being used by engineers, students and scientists.

Diode Group: Rectifier diode, zener, led and bridge diode are common to power circuitry and designs.

Finally, EWB lets us design circuits inside the computer without soldering and creating it actually. This is very useful for complex circuits and analysis.

Really rocks!

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Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao

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