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Veristic manually finds viruses...

Veristic is a program that finds excutable scripts from your USB flash drives. It lets you check the removable drive for possible worm or virus infection. The file finder also disable autoplay of files in flash drives or subsequently viruses from automatically launching itself.

2019 Software Selection

Custom Secure Windows: Free Upgrade to Windows Desktop

Its a minimal, small and secure version of Windows Desktop... Faster search, magnificent theme and simplicity. Anyway, don't forget the switch icon to go back to Windows easily.

2019 Software Selection

Scour, Find Files Easily and Fastly

Lifelike Music will share the technology of MP3 and MP4 player to the world. Scanning mp3s is the same as our Scour technology. Finding files is now probable quickly using our Code.

2019 Software Selection

Inscribe Music Edition

Write music and record your voice... This will empower you, dream like a music artist and write songs uniquely - correlate them to the writings of our artists. It will help in checking the totality of your writings.

2019 Software Selection

Simple Windows Defender Scanner

Scan your Windows using Windows Defender easily and fastly.

2019 Software Selection

ISO Burner

Simple application to burn ISO files.

2019 Software Selection


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